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What type of information do you collect? 

We collect the name, surname, telephone number, all details for invoicing, address, email, IP address. 

Why do we collect visitor data? 

The information collected is provided by visitors. We have a data collection tool to measure marketing information related to the website such as the number of sessions, the duration on the pages, the number of visits, the number of pages visited...

We collect credit card information and payment details when booking your stay. In the event of a problem during your stay or for a cancellation, we can make refunds or direct debits like all hotel establishments. 

We collect your data in order to provide assistance and support to our users.

We can also contact you if there is a problem with your reservation. 

And finally we collect your data for statistical and marketing purposes as explained above. 

How is your data collected? 

We collect the data via the contact form and when paying for the reservation. 

Data storage? 

We store our data in our internal database when you use the contact form and on our Channel manager Evivo when paying for the reservation (see Evivo privacy policy). ( CFsection sharing your information)

As customers know that you have the right to:  

  • to have access to data

  • rectification: each customer can correct or complete his data

  • opposition: each customer can refuse the processing of his data (and this at any time)

  • to the erasure of data

  • data portability: each customer can retrieve the data they have provided to the collecting organization

  • limitation of processing: each customer can request, under certain conditions, the freezing of the use of his data

How long is the informationstored  

The storage period of the information is indefinite but you can request that your information be deleted by email or by phone at 06 88 58 39 26. 

For information related to your billing, contact our chanel manager: Eviivo 01 82 88 79 17.

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Sharing Your Information 

We do not share any information collected via the contact form or by email. However, your information related to invoicing during your reservation may be shared by the Eviivo site.

Regarding your data collected via the form, you can ask us for a copy of the data in our possession and request your right of withdrawal according to the law. 


See Privacy policies of our partner Evivo:  


Your Personal Information is not shared with third parties with the exception of certain partners or suppliers whose intervention is necessary to enable us to fulfill our obligations towards you, to complete your reservation, a payment or any other transaction that you have initiated. These third parties may be based outside the European Economic Area, and include without limitation:- • a travel agency, booking site, tourist office, regional association, bank or payment service for credit card processing. (Our Our booking partners), • One of our subcontractors or suppliers (for example: the calculation center that allows us to host our Software, a survey company or a Communications Service Provider); including the company eviivo Limited which manages our site (Our 'Suppliers') • any competent authority empowered by law to demand or receive your personal data (customs, tax authorities, police, health and safety etc.) (Competent Authorities) . Our Booking Partners and our Suppliers operate in accordance with these Privacy Rules and are bound by a contract which requires them to meet the obligations of the regulations in force on the protection of personal data (GDPR) Although these Privacy Rules are apply to any Personal Information about you that may have been shared with these third parties, we have no impact on the privacy policies put in place by these third parties, and we can not in any way be held responsible for the performance of these third parties regarding the protection of personal data. You may at any time ask us for a copy of the Personal Information we hold about you. You have a right of withdrawal and can demand that your Personal Information be corrected, transferred or deleted from our systems within the limits provided by law. We are obligated to retain certain data, including Your Personal Information, for a minimum retention period required by law (for example, billing data and other accounting data, information relating to customers registered in an establishment required by the services of hygiene safety, or by the police). If applicable, We will be required to retain such information until the minimum period expires or until it is provided to the competent authorities. 

Changes or updates to the Privacy Policy

If updates are made to the privacy policy, you will be informed by email or directly on our website. 

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